Consumer protection laws are designed to protect consumers when they do business over the phone and set payment restrictions for companies in industries similar to SL Account Management. These laws don’t actually apply to SL Account Management’s business; however, we are always making strides to comply with any such law to provide the highest standard of services available in their industry.

SL Account Management has partnered with a dedicated account provider that will serve as a banking and escrow platform for our clients. Meaning your funds are safeguarded until SL Account Management completes the work. We fully disclose our servicers to the client before enrollment and before they sign anything – so we won’t collect a dime of our document preparation fees until our services are fully rendered, the client first payment is complete, and proof is shown to reflect that.

Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. By using a dedicated account provider for our clients lets us show you that’s our goal instead of just saying it. We have a performance-based model because each client is important and there is no simple cookie-cutter solution. We only earn our fees upon the performance of our services and we as a company are better incentivized to get the quickest and best result for each customer or we simply don’t get paid

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What our clients have to say…

My Account Specialist provided friendly and excellent customer care. I consider her to be my personal guardian angel, in paving my individual path to financial freedom.

Michael Pazzo SL Account Mgmt Client